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Come visit us on the beautiful southern Oregon coast. We are open every day of the year except Christmas Day!

A & T Myrtlewood Handcrafted Wood Carvings, Cribbage Boards, Pineneedle Baskets & More

Welcome to A and T Myrtlewood Handcrafted Art - woodworking supplies and art gallery. We sell wood and wood craft supplies for your country wood working art crafts, wood turning blanks, turned plaques for painting or wood burning, wildlife art by Myrna Austin, handcrafted birdhouses by Sandra Todd, detailed artwork by John Austin including: wood and antler carving, stacking bowl sets, carved bowls, hand-made glass beads, and many things too numerous to mention!

NEW! Another of John's books, "SO WE FLEW WITH THE WIND" has been released..
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Hand carved moose horn by John Austin
Hand carved moose on moose-horn, mounted on a lovely
myrtlewood base. By John Austin. $2,000.00

MYRTLE is found in the three Western Counties of Oregon. It is a hardwood and said to be harder than maple. It has a variety of colors ranging from almost white to jet black, and sometimes all the colors are present in the same log. Figures can be distinguished quite easily with the contrast in colors. Myrtlewood is used in novelty, culinary, furniture, rifle stocks, knife handles and art pieces. It has a wonderful minty smell when you work with it, and the leaves can even be used in cooking, as it is a member of the bay family of trees. It is said that the Indians used the nut for food, but why I can't imagine, as its flavor leaves a lot to be desired. It grows year round and has blooms starting about Christmas time. It is mentioned in the Bible, and there are several legends associated with myrtlewood.

There are four of us working in our shop: Sandra and Loyd Todd and Myrna and John Austin. We have been partners in business since 1984 and enjoy working with myrtlewood more than any other thing that we have done. A friend of the two partners said that if John and Loyd decided to play football the first thing they would do is go buy a wiener pig. That is much the way we operate our shop. We have our own saw mill, and take the finished product from logs that we milled here at our shop. Each of us is interchangeable up to a point and each person has their own expertise. Every piece of artwork is an original.

We also handle other woods that grow in this area, such as Big Leaf Maple, Tanoak, Yew Wood (when available), Port Orford Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Redwood, Chinquapin, Cascara, Holly, Red Alder, and Black Walnut. We also sell lumber and unfinished pieces of wood.

Myrna builds award winning pine needle baskets, that have to be seen to be appreciated. She also does some of the finest wildlife paintings in the west and they are done on Myrtle and Maple using the subtle tones of the wood to enhance the paintings. We have won many awards with our carvings and art pieces and we have been featured in many articles. We have sold work to people all over the world, and many have started collecting our work.

In our shop, we make many things out of wood: spoons, scoops, pens, bowls, clocks, rifle stock blanks, carvings, walking sticks, and other items too numerous to mention. Myrtlewood handles detail well and, being a tough wood, it does not split away when carved.

We hope you enjoy wandering through our gallery of photos.

To place an order, please e-mail us at woodcrafts@aandtmyrtlewood.com or give us a call on the phone at 541-348-2586. You can also give us a phone number in the e-mail and we will call you, if you prefer.

John and Myrna Austin
Loyd and Sandie Todd
John and Myrna Austin
Loyd and Sandie Todd
Here is our new pup. Cody joined our family in December 2006.
In memory of our beloved BJ,
gone to Doggy Heaven in April 2006

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