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All Cribbage Boards come with pegs!

Come visit us on the beautiful southern Oregon coast. We are open every day of the year except Christmas Day!

Hand Carved, Painted Decorative
Wood Cribbage Boards

We have most of these cribbage boards in stock, with more being produced.  If you have a favorite animal that you do not see, Myrna will custom paint it for you. When it is done you will get a picture e-mailed to you for approval before you buy it. Each board is an individual work of art. No two are ever the same. If one here is recently sold, there may be a new one in the works or just finished. Let us know what you are looking for! We email photos.

Buffalo skull on Myrtlewood, 23" x 9" 
Double full run  - $150.00

Eagle on Walnut, 14"x 9".
triple full run, $125.00.

Myrtlewood, 15"x 8", 

Myrtlewood, 24"x 9", 
double full run, $100.00.

13"x 9",  double full run, $50.00.

13"x 8",  $35.00.

15"x 7",  $45.00.

Dark Maple,
20"x 8",  $75.00.

Tiger on Myrtlewood- 11"x 11.5"
Triple full run with hanger-  $155.00

Myrtlewood dolphin, double full run, 
23"x 9", $100.00

Wolf on Myrtlewood,
17"x 10",  $120.00.

Bobcat on myrtlewood
20"x 7.5" - $120.00

Bobwhite Quail on Myrtlewood,
20"x 12", triple full run, $225.00

Black Walnut
5"x 16"- Double full run with peg storage- $75.00

Skull on Arrowhead, Myrtlewood Board
20" x 6.5" - $95.00

Rainbow trout on Myrtlewood
11"x18" $140

Big Horn Ram on Myrtlewood,
21"x 15",  triple full run, $185.00.

Maple with Elk horn
13" x 19" - $225.00

Don't see just the right one? Order a custom painted myrtlewood cribbage board!
Email A&T Myrtlewood for more information

Raccoon on Myrtle
11"x16"- $185.00

Rainbow Trout on Myrtlewood
13"x14" with hanger- $150.00

Eagle on Mesquite, 16" x 13"
 Triple full run  - $185.00

Wolf on Myrtle 
5"x 17" - $135.00

Eagle on Maple
16"x 5 1/2" (at top)  $80.00

14"x 7",  $45.00.

Myrtlewood, full double run,
8" wide x 36" high, $120.00. 

21"x 7",  $45.00.

13"x 7",  $45.00.

Giraffe on Myrtlewood,
17"x 10",  double full run, $125.00.

Wolves on Myrtlewood,
6"x 17",  double full run, $140.00.

Mountain Lion, 21" x 9"
Triple full run - $175.00

Light Maple Burl - 15.5"x 5"
Double full run with hanger and peg storage- $55.00

15"x 6",  $35.00.

Chief Joseph on myrtle
41"x 13" - $300.00
Click to see larger pic
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Leopard on yew wood, double full run
15"x 20", $175.00

Bear on Myrtlewood 
9"x 19"-$120.00

Is the one you like sold? We leave some sold pieces on the site to give you an idea of what we've done in the past.

See a page of our "sold" cribbage boards for more examples

Though every piece is unique, we may be able to do one very much like it!

Just email us and ask!


Questions or comments e-mail - email@aandtmyrtlewood.com

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