What people are saying about John Austin’s first book, So, You Gotta Get Right Back On???

I loved your book. It should be required reading for anyone moving west to give them some insight into western thinking. Looking forward to your next book, good job!
Peggy, (Retired newspaper editor, Challis, Idaho)

I loved it! I’m reading about Pigeon Steaks right now. Great stories. Thank you for writing what makes us laugh instead of crying.
Tricia, (Langlois, Oregon)

I am having fun and laughs reading John’s book. The camp cooking was memorable to me because I feel that same way about my cooking in any kitchen --- and the rafting was scary.
Sherrie (retired English and Journalism teacher, Lorane, Oregon)

Am enjoying the book, a collection of short stories makes for a good read. I’m thinking that I will be ready for the next one before you get it to press. That trapping story you sent makes me kind of glad that we have moved on from that particularly dangerous profession.
Gordon (Salmon, Idaho)

You’ve led the kind of life I always dreamed of. Your book, a humorous reflection of life, was pure and gratifying to me, in particular, the Elmer Keith story and the first Elk hunt and most of all, the Indian maiden at the top of the world. Thank you very much.
Ed Pelleau (retired military policeman, Wichita Falls, Texas)