When I was in the single digit years of my life, I had a terrible amount of fears like many youngsters. Of course that was aided by this kindly aunt of mine who thought it was her business to scare hell out of me and my older sister and she was very good at it. This was aided by my folks by actually backing up some of her stories; they wanted to be sure that we didn't stray too far from home.

Now, black widow spiders and Mormon crickets were about all the young heart could stand, but add to this, the terrible “Wampus Cat”, it would surely keep you in the house at night. Somehow there is a lot of safety in numbers, and especially a place where the lights are on.

Our farm buildings were such that they were scattered over, what at that time seemed like most of the county, especially if you had to be late with the milking or were sent to the potato cellar for some spuds, as they were known there abouts. Reflecting back, I'm not certain that I ever saw a wampus cat but it was only because of the fact that I could run the hundred yards from the cellar to the house in less time than any track star ever has run that distance, and I could do it with a five gallon bucket of spuds in one hand. However, the hand and spuds would sometimes get to the house several minutes after I did. Some of my speed could be attributed to my aunt (or my sister) standing on the steps hollering that it was about to get me. However I knew that this was absurd, because I had learned that when I put my mind to it, I could out distance him any time...

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