John Austin is a large man, but a gentle, soft-spoken man. A multi-talented man. A woodcarver, a craftsman working in wood, metal, leather, glass or stone. His favorite - the beautifully figured Oregon Myrtlewood, native to this area.

He is a naturalist, a conservationist, a woodsman from the mountains of Idaho. A deeply patriotic man, humble, warm and friendly to all who come his way.

His workshop and gift shop, the A&T Myrtlewood on Highway 101 between Port Orford and Langlois is a gallery of the finest wildlife artistry and craftwork. His wife, Myrna, is the best wildlife artist and pine-needle basket weaver on the Oregon Coast.

And, a new dimension of his many talents. Writer, author, photographer, now storyteller, with many fascinating accounts of his lifetime adventures for your enjoyment.

A quiet hour... a comfortable chair... and this book...

E N J O Y !!!!!

DeBoyd L. Smith, Author, Publisher, Professor Zoology, Marine Biology (Retired), AA, BS, Ma, Ms