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Pineneedle Baskets and Artwork

Myrna Austin's baskets are always award winners.
Each basket is hand woven for an unequaled work of art.
They are an accent to any room and make wonderful gifts

This is one of Myrna's finest projects. This Raffia weaving is 25" square on the inside and 34" to the outside of the frame. Surrounding the weaving with pineneedles has set this piece off to perfection. John's hand made arrow heads, myrtlewood feathers and turquoise and sterling silver beads complete the total effect. This is all enclosed in a double matted hand made myrtlewood frame with non-glare glass. $2400.00

This lamp was a long term project and I do not expect to do any more lamps. The lamp shade has six sides, alternating with the weaving and then one with caning, done with the raffia. There are some of John's hand made glass beads around the base of the shade. John turned the myrtlewood parts and assembled it for me.
(27" high, lamp shade is 15" across the bottom.) $2,000.00 

Dyed brown needles with a wrapped pattern on myrtlewood base 
(7"x 3 1/2"x 9") $220.00

Sea Urchin shell, the top is cut out to become the base, it is sewn with horse hair around the top of the basket and on the lid with a hand made glass bead on the front and a quartz crystal in the bottom.  (5"x 4 1/2") $395.00

Hanging plaque with Sage brush center, raffia weaving,  pine needles trimmed around the edge with hand-made honey willow beads.
(14" x 1") $450.00


Sage brush center with pine needles to make a beautiful basket that matches the sage brush plaque.
(10"x 6"x 2") $210.00

Visit our page showing many of the baskets we have sold in the past
if you see one you like we may be able to do one very much like it!

A double pine cone center with dyed ponderosa needles.
(9"x 6"x 2") $260.00

Banksia cone from Australia with pine needles making a great basket.
 (11" x 5 1/2" x 2") $210.00

Scotch broom basket 9"x9" - $195.00

Heart shaped cone plaque, weaving and ponderosa pine needles.
(12" x 1/2") $450.00

Myrtlewood base with pine needles with wooden beads worked in with the stitches
(7" x 3 1/2" x 2") $240.00

Tory pine needles sewn around a clay pottery vessel, the bottom is covered also.
 (8" High, 1 1/4" across the neck and 4" wide at the bottom.)  $240.00

Nez Perce style ladies hat. (5 1/2" High x 4 1/2" across top x 7 1/2" across bottom) It fits nicely on a lady's head. It is about 22" around the inside of the brim. $400.00

Nez Perce style ladies hat. (5 1/2" High x 4 1/2" across top x 7 1/2" across bottom) It fits nicely on a lady's head. It is about 22" around the inside of the brim. $400.00

Apache pine needles around a myrtlewood base. (14" x 10" x 4") $495.00

Myrtlewood butterfly with weaving and dyed ponderosa pine needles.  
(11 1/2" x 1/2") $185.00

Myrna gives lessons in basketmaking! Learn how to make your own lovely
Pineneedle Baskets! Call for more information 541-348-2586

Questions or comments e-mail - email@aandtmyrtlewood.com

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